Custom Octopus

Custom Octopus

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Please complete all drop down options to help me create the perfect octopus for you. 

Please enter color shades and color order if ordering more than one color. 

Example: Drop down options are Blues, Greens, etc. Specify light or darker shades and I will match with colors I have available. If ordering more than one color specify which color you would like at the head and at the bottom tentacles. Please note due to the nature of how resin is poured, colors will shift and fill at their own will. 

This product is great for holding crystal spheres, tumbles, or other trinkets. Or it is a perfect decoration as is. 

All items are custom made by hand and processing time is approximately 7-10 business days from the time communication is completed. If you do not leave the information in the notes section, processing time may be extended.